About Us

Hi! I’m Tracy Maniaci, the owner and designer behind Chocolate Chippy. I’m a designer and maker who channels my creativity into custom, unique designs and items inspired by my love for animals and everything silly.

The idea to form the company, Chocolate Chippy, was born out of a love (and maybe slight obsession) with my Chocolate Lab, Chip. I mean, how much more obsessed could you get than forming a business after your dog!? I’ve always been a huge animal lover and was inspired by Chip’s enormous amount of personality and spirit.

I would love for you to get to know Chip as well as I do- you can’t help but love him! Chip is a big, 105 pound teddy bear. He’s not shy about expressing his emotions; ranging all the way from annoyance to pure elation (especially when you mention the words “walk” or “ball”). His greatest love is swimming and his greatest fears are small dogs weighing under 5 pounds and Mr. Vacuum.

Chip may be my main inspiration, but I love all animals. I love off-the-wall animals like llamas, sloths and capybaras. I love pets like guinea pigs, cats and dogs. I love animals of a certain Avian variety. I love pretty much anything covered in fur, and I want to share that silly kind of love with you through my products!

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I want to share silly animal related items with all the animal lovers in the world that love animals and humor as much as I do.




“I have to admit, even though the company is named after him, Chip gets very little work done around the office.”

“I don’t understand why Mommy has to work all day and can’t just become a professional belly rubber.”